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Thesis Submission General Information

Starting Spring 2020 all theses should be submitted via Moodle. In order to have access and to submit in Moodle, you need an active Campusnet account and you need to be registered for the Thesis Module and Course on Campusnet. The login information for Moodle is the same as your Campusnet login.


How to Submit a Thesis to Moodle

Step 1: Before you submit your thesis please make sure you have a signed and dated Statutory Declaration inside your theses. You can download it here: Statutory Declaration

Step 2: Log in to Moodle with your JACOBS user account aka CampusNet login.  Once you've successfully logged in, you will be in Moodle’s Dashboard where you will find your course overview and the course: Thesis (Study) (Semester)

Step 3:  Click on your thesis course.  Once inside the course review the information there and when ready click on ' Submission (CLICK HERE TO SUBMIT) Turnitin Assignment 2'

Step 4: Click on 'Submit Paper'. Fill your thesis title and name of your supervisor(s) under ‘Submission Title’ and click on the space provided to search and upload your thesis

Step 5: Under ‘Choose License’ please select ‘All rights reserved’, and then click on 'Select this file'

Step 6: This will bring you to the ‘Submission Paper’ window. Here you will write again your Thesis Title and Name of Supervisor(s) under Submission Title.  Then click on ‘Add Submission’. 

Step 7: You will get a Digital Receipt of your submission. You can close this window either by clicking ‘close’ or hitting the escape button on your keyboard.

Step 8:  Congratulations! You have now submitted your thesis. You will be able to see your thesis under ‘My submissions’ and review your similarity report.

Step 9: Your supervisor(s) will be emailed automatically that you have submitted your thesis. Once we receive the grades from your supervisor(s), they will be entered on Campusnet.


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