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Jacobs BPSD program


Executive MSc program

Executive education, tailor-made to the specific demands of the oil and gas industry: Jacobs University introduces participants to a new dimension of the understanding, quantification, and modeling of geo-processes.

The Executive Master in Basin and Petroleum System Dynamics will cover the interface between current state-of-art geoscientific insights and numerical simulation.  

The program is ideally suited for professionals who would like to be proficient in the quantification of geo-processes and able to utilize a modern computer-based approach to petroleum systems modeling, as well as for professionals already involved in prospect generation.

The oil and gas industry has been a leading player in exploiting the power of virtual reality technology to enhance its business processes. The pressure to reduce exploration and development costs of new reserves and existing fields is immense: drilling wells, for example, may consume up to 85% of the total exploratory funds. Thus, the decision to drill should be taken in a sensible way based on studies that provide detailed knowledge of the area’s geologic conditions, both on the surface and in the subsurface. Therefore, knowledge of basin and petroleum system dynamics is key: a fundamental understanding of geoprocess occurring at different spatial and temporal timescales enables specialists to quickly and comprehensively interpret and manage large volumes of geodata, thus is significantly reducing cycle time for prospect generation.