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Graduate Scholarships

Jacobs University Graduate Scholarships
All applicants for the MSc in Data Science for Society & Business, the MSc in Data Engineering and the MSc in Supply Chain Management are automatically considered for Jacobs University Graduate Scholarships of up to €12,000 per academic year. EU students of the above-mentioned programs are eligible for a minimum guaranteed scholarship of €4,000. Jacobs University Graduate Scholarships are merit-based, taking into account the applicant's personal achievements without regard to his/her material wealth or resources. Jacobs University Graduate Scholarships do not need to be repaid.

External Scholarships
Depending on availability, additional scholarships sponsored by external partners are offered to highly motivated students. Those scholarships are awarded to applicants for the MSc in Data Science for Society & Business, the MSc in Data Engineering, the MSc in Supply Chain Management, and the MSc in Psychologie - according to the requirements of the scholarship providers (e.g. foundations or industry partners).
In the past two years, Jacobs University has awarded scholarships from the BLG Logistics Group, the Bremische Hafenvertretung e.V., the Fritz Hollweg Foundation, the Stiftungsfonds Deutsche Bank and the Conrad Naber Foundation to ambitious graduate students.

Please check this website regularly for current scholarship offerings.