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Computer Science and Software Engineering


Master of Science - NEW Graduate Program


Application Fee

There is no fee to apply.


Cost of attendance

CSSE Master Program – Academic Year 2022 / 2023

For students on-site in Bremen, Germany
Tuition fee€ 20.000/year
Room & Board fees
(subsidized, 9 months)
€ 6.750/year
Fees up to
(University Fees, Semester Ticket)
€ 650
Travel costs associated with program requirements
(e.g. trip to Schaffhausen in Switzerland)

Expenses covered by SIT and JUB


For students on-site in Schaffhausen, Switzerland
Tuition fee€ 20.000/year
Estimated cost of living€ 2.700/month
Travel costs associated with program requirements
(e.g. trip to Schaffhausen in Switzerland)
Expenses covered by SIT and JUB

Scholarships and Financial Support

Financial options available for students.

There are several full tuition scholarships available (covering full tuition costs) to students who are:

  • Winners of the STAR Contest
  • Undergraduates that have completed their degree in one of the Top 25 universities
  • Pursuing a research project after their studies

Please note that every applicant meeting one or more criteria from the above list will be considered for a full scholarship and will need to pass the interviews as well as programming test (if applicable).

If you are considered for a full scholarship:

  1. The Master Admission Committee will send you information along with the admission letter.
  2. You will need to pass a programming test
  3. If you are a STAR Contest winner, you do not need to pass the test.
  4. You will need to pass an interview with Faculty members
  5. You will need to pass an interview with business industry representatives

Once all steps have been completed, you will receive the decision via email.

All students are considered for an academic achievement scholarship based on their bachelor grade point average (GPA). EU students are eligible for a minimum guaranteed scholarship of € 4.000.

Academic Achievement Scholarships (per academic year)
€ 4.000 (Minimum guaranteed amount for EU students)
€ 8.000
€ 12.000 (Maximum scholarship amount irrespective of nationality)

The number of these scholarships is not limited and no separate application is required.

Students are informed about their scholarship amount immediately following admission.

In cooperation with our partner Brain Capital
✔ Deferral of tuition fees is calculated automatically and available to you shortly after admission.
✔ You decide whether you want to take advantage of this personalized financing option.
✔ Granted independently of your financial situation.
✔ Flexible repayment plan based on your future income and personal circumstances.

  • Start your career first!
    Repayment doesn’t begin until you have reached a predefined minimum income.

  • Excellent terms ensure you succeed!
    You pay a percentage of your income for a limited period of time.

  • We’re your partner no matter what!
    If you earn less than the defined minimum income level, repayment is deferred.

Do you have questions?

If you have any questions regarding financing your studies, don’t hesitate to contact our Student Financial Services Team:


Student Financial Services
SFS [at]
+49 421 200-4210



Contact the Student Financial Service Team

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