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Program BIGSSS

Global Governance and Regional Integration (BIGSSS)

PhD Graduate Program

Research in this program falls into three groups:
  • The emergence of global or regional governance and the dynamics of decision-making
  • The effectiveness of global and regional governance
  • Conflict, contestation, and legitimacy in global and regional governance
The field on global governance and regional integration addresses the relationships between political, social, legal, historical, and economic developments in the “post-national constellation”, that is, after the demise of the nation state as container. It considers supranationalization (European integration) and globalization as part of “a continuum of internationalization” and studies the phenomenon of political integration, comparing processes and outcomes at different levels and in different regions. Traditional forms of intergovernmental politics are being complemented or superseded by international and supranational regulatory regimes. Private actors, such as NGOs and multinational enterprises, have also become more involved in the international sphere, generating what has become known as "transnational" governance. The result is the emergence of hybrid forms of governance that mix public, private, "hard" (legally binding) and "soft" (based on persuasion and advice) governance.
Field Chairs: Dominic Sachsenmaier, Martin Nonhoff
Field Coordinator: Arndt Wonka