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Visiting & Exchange Student Voices

Have a look at what some past students had to say about their study abroad experience at our university.

„Jacobs truly represents a diverse and dynamic community where students from all over the globe are able to share a bit of their culture and also learn about others. This semester, I have been lucky enough to engage in this process of sharing, listening, and growing with some amazing students who I can now call friends. Its been a great experience!“
Joel: Vassar College, USA

„Jacobs is a very prestigious university, well-known for its culturally diverse community. In only four months I have been lucky to meet exciting people from all over the world and the opportunity to travel to different cities in Europe. It has been an unforgettable experience full of new opportunities and memories.“
Barbara: IE University, Spain


„When I first arrived to Jacobs, what surprised me the most was its diversity and the internationality of the campus. It is amazing to see how even though all the students have different nationalities and come from different backgrounds, they all form a strong community. Jacobs has been a home to me for the past 4 months. I’m very happy I decided to come here and I’m definitely going to miss it when I leave.“
Alicia: University of Aberdeen, Scotland

„To put it simply, my time at Jacobs has been enriching. I had the chance to meet students from many different countries and forge genuine friendships with many others. The university’s innate diverse environment cultivates a sense of inclusion that made it easy for me to quickly integrate into the community. It’s an experience I would recommend to anyone in a heartbeat.“
Jean-Pierre: University of Notre Dame, USA

„Jacobs is a great home base from which to explore Europe. It offers lots of opportunities to get involved on campus in a unique, truly international community with exciting people from all over the world.“
John: Lafayette College, USA

„When I came to Jacobs, I initially didn’t know what to expect. Jacobs is very different from what I have experienced back home in Sweden in Uppsala. The time that I have spent here at Jacobs has not only allowed me learn more, but I have also met people from many different countries and cultures. I’m very happy to have made this experience!“
Nils: Uppsala University, Sweden

„The international community at Jacobs made me feel more at home than my home university; sharing my culture with other people who were equally excited to share their own helped me form meaningful, lasting bonds with people I really love, admire, and hope to keep in touch with. The small classroom sizes with esteemed professors made me more intrigued in learning content over meaningless griping for a good grade, and helped me forget some of the stress I had associated with higher education overall. Having a free SemesterTicket kept me exploring Germany and learning more about its culture and history. What a perfect blend of life, adventure, and learning – I’ll really miss you, Jacobs!“
Sandra: University of California San Diego, USA

„I think what surprised me here most was the people. I mean, the sheer diversity of them. You know, you easily forget that there are people from different countries growing up in cultures completely unlike your own. It’s easy to think that the people and experiences you grow up with around you is most of what life has to offer. But being at Jacobs you remember that wow, there’s people my age from places I’ll never travel to nor come to appreciate who have the same interests, passion, fears, and goals that I have in trying to make it through life.“
Joshua: Rice University, USA

„Before coming to Jacobs I was told that Germany would be a difficult destination with tough academics and that I’d struggle in Bremen. I didn’t listen to what I was told and decided to study abroad at Jacobs anyway, and I’m very happy I did! I feel very lucky. Here I got the opportunity to meet people from all around the world. I took part in campus events, where I made unforgettable memories. I also developed my language skills. The campus environment, the people, the food, the events… being free in a foreign country was the best experience I could have made. Jacobs was a turning point in my life. I will absolutely miss it and won’t forget the time I spent here!“
Muazzez: Kadir Has University, Turkey

„Jacobs University was my gateway to Europe. In just one semester, I traveled to over 20 cities in 12 countries due to Bremen’s central location and access to cheap European transportation. The experiences I made, which I will cherish forever, I owe to Jacobs and its inviting and diverse atmosphere.“
Marc: Cornell University, USA

„My semester at Jacobs went very well I would say. I didn’t really know what to expect when I came to Germany, although I had planned on coming here for a while when I applied a year ago. I’ve had a successful semester in that I met so many people that I built close relationships with and I’ve also gotten closer to the people that came here with me from my home university. The Jacobs community, being an international community, really fostered getting to know so many people from different cultures that I wasn’t familiar with – I appreciated that most about this semester.“
Monique: Wellesley College, USA

„I had wonderful time at Jacobs during my 4 month stay in the study abroad program. My first reason to study abroad was to expose myself to European culture and lifestyle and learn from the surrounding people. Jacobs served as a wonderful place to help meet all sorts of people from all over the world, involve in activities, and immerse into the German culture. The beautiful location setting, easy access to downtown and shopping areas, and weekly local markets/festivals made my stay even more enjoyable.“
Madhav: Lafayette College, USA