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Industry & Investors


Universities are for students a time to learn, have fun, and, at Jacobs University, to start a business. We believe students should not have to chose between completing a degree or persuing a buisness idea. We think student can do both. For this reason, at Jacobs University we support our students to persue their business ambitions, a unique opportunity to foster real innovation.



Of course, a business idea will be successful only if it can make it beyond the boundaries of Jacobs. Students are therefore encouraged and supported to reach out to companies and other potential partners to fulfill their business ambitions. This can be in the form of mentorship, collaborating with companies or investors.

Companies are also encouraged to come to approach us with a concrete or rough idea for collaboration. Does your company have a problem but no solution? Our students might have the solution or the ability to come up with one!



Our varied study program offering in science, technology and humanities, means that our students often have innovative solutions to big world problems. Often to take this ideas into production or testing requires a large amount of capital. As a result we work with investors who want to support the next innovative breakthrough.