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Taking a Spanish language course at Jacobs University can be an enriching experience. Students have the opportunity to delve into a language rich in history and can gain access to a variety of cultures around the world. Whether you are considering a semester abroad, are planning to travel to Spain or Latin America, or are feeling like picking up another language spoken by millions around the globe, Spanish is the right choice for you!

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Course Structure

Fall TermSpring TermAchieved Level
A 1.1A 1.2A 1
A 2.1A 2.2A2
B 1.1 (1)B 1.1 (2) 
B 1.2 (1)B 1.2 (2)B 1
B 2.1 (1)B 2.1 (2) 
B 2.2 (1)B 2.2 (2)B2

C 1

C 1



Our courses are taught by a team of qualified Spanish instructors from the Instituto Cervantes who offer Spanish courses at various language levels.



DELE, Diplomas de Español como Lengua Extranjera.

This is the official Spanish proficiency diploma issued by the Ministry for Education of the Kingdom of Spain and administered internationally. The DELE offers three general levels (Beginners, Intermediate, and Advanced) and is recognized by universities and companies worldwide. For more information visit the official website of the Insituto Cervantes.

CertificateDateRegistration Deadline
DELETo be announced soonTo be announced soon



Instituto Cervantes


Instituto Cervantes

Instituto Cervantes is the official Spanish cultural institute supported by the Spanish government. It not only offers language courses but offers a great variety of cultural events at its local office in Bremen. More information on the website



Online Tools

GrammarSecond Year Spanish CompositionGrammatical rules written by a Spanish teacher. Corresponding exercises and answers. Mainly about the conjugations of Spanish verbs.A1-B2
GrammarStandard Spanish LanguageGrammatical information well displayed in clear tables.A1-A2
GrammarLearn Spanish OnlineExplanations of the grammatical rules.A1-A2
GrammarSpanish Grammar ExercisesA lot of Spanish grammar exercises for all type of grammatical rules.A1-C1
GrammarSpanish. Language and CultureA wide variety of free Spanish grammar exercises covering all parts of speech. Includes exercises and audio files.A1-C1
Español-InglesGrammar tutorials, worksheets, Spanish phrases, and dictionary.A1-B1
E-SpanishDescription of the grammatical rules. Basic vocabulary, audio training and games.A1
StudySpanish.comGrammar and vocabulary. Pronunciation exercises, verb drills and quizzes.A1-B1
Learn Spanish OnlineA broad well-structured website with grammar and exercises. Live chat for free, as well as forum and audio articles.A1-B2
MultipleBBC Languages Spanish(NOTE: This page has been archived and is no longer updated). Spanish resources and worksheets. Introduction to grammatical rules. Interactive video courses, games and audio vocabulary training. Links to Spanish TV and radio.A1-C2
Multiple123 TeachMeFull conversational online course with free tutors, exercises, Spanish resources and Spanish games. Vocabulary around certain topics and Spanish text translator.A1-A2 Spanish LanguageLinks collection on resources to learn Spanish. Basic grammatical rules and quizzes.A1-B1