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Registration & Regulations


Placement Tests

Placement tests are offered during the last week before the semester starts and help instructors place students in the appropriate proficiency level. The placement test is neither graded nor does it affect the final grade of the language course. The test specifies the level of proficiency based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

The placement test for German will be done online for the spring semester 2021. The test must be completed independently until January 27.
To take the placement test, please read the instructions carefully and do the exercises without using extra sources or materials. This test is designed to reflect your current level so that you are placed in the optimal class which will help you get the most out of studying the German Language.

For the French placement test please contact Ms. Térésa Brucker, teresa.brucker [at]
For the Spanish placement test please contact Ms. Ulrike von Seggern, ulrike.vonseggern [at]
For Chinese please contact Ms. Yu-Feng Chiu, y.chiu [at]

Students without any prior knowledge of a language can register for A1.1 without taking a placement test. Please note that it is an infraction of the Code of Academic Integrity if students with pre-existing knowledge of a language attend the beginners’ level(s). Students who already passed a language course in the previous semester can register for the next level directly without taking a placement test.

All other students need to take the placement test.

These are:

  • Students with prior knowledge of the respective language joining the language program for the first time
  • Students whose placement test results are older than one semester and who haven’t passed a language course in the previous semester
  • Students who managed to improve their language skills, e.g., through an internship, private study, or an intensive course other than at Jacobs

Course registrations without a valid placement test cannot be accepted

Registration Procedures for Staff    

Jacobs staff is welcome in language courses but places are limited. Please take the placement test at the beginning of the semester and register with the Student Records Office for the level you have been placed in.

Language Course Redesignation

If you and your language instructor agree that you were placed in the wrong level and you need to register for a different language level, both of you have to complete the Language Course Redesignation Form and return it to the Student Records Office.

Guidelines for Class Attendance

Students currently have two options for registering for language courses:

(1) Course for Credits:

  • Attendance is mandatory.
  • With more than three unexcused absences, the student will not be admitted to the Final Exam.
  • Students can attend the follow-up course for each proficiency level they have passed.

(2) Course as an Audit:

  • Students do not receive credit points or a grade.
  • If students attend at least 80% of the course (five absences are allowed), they are assigned a “pass“ and the course appears on the transcript as an “audit“.
  • Students can attend the follow-up course for each proficiency level they have attended.

Special guidelines regarding the audit status: students who have an overlapping mandatory course may miss up to a maximum of seven sessions in the language course.

Guidelines for Examinations

Generally, all students who receive credit points for the course have to pass their exams. If a student cannot attend the exam due to illness, he or she can take a make-up exam if the following criteria are met:

  • There is an official excuse with the Student Records Office.
  • The student has informed the instructor before the exam that he/she cannot attend.
  • The student has to attend the make-up exam during the make-up exams period in August respectively January.

If any of the above-mentioned criteria is not met, the student may not take a make-up exam (see the official policy here).