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Preparatory Study Programs

UNIQUE APPROACH Our preparatory study programs at Jacobs University strive to offer disciplinary knowledge, professional orientation and standardized test preparation in the field of medical sciences. The programs prepare students for later studies in medicine at German state universities (or medical schools in the neighboring countries) and provide general career orientation in the health sector.

PREMIUM EDUCATION Our preparatory programs combine preparatory study modules in natural sciences, life sciences, and medicine with an individualized workshop program or, depending on the program, with intensive German classes.

CERTIFIED KNOWLEDGE Our certificate programs allow you to collect first ECTS credits, which you can transfer to your future study programs.

Both the Medical Natural Sciences program and the Medical Preparation program are new premium offerings at Jacobs University.

Download the Study Program Guide for complete information on our programs

Medical Natural Sciences - International Students

MedPrep - Dein Weg ins Medizinstudium