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Undergraduate Application Requirements

Please consult our frequently asked questions page or contact the admission [at] (subject: Application%20Requirements) (undergraduate admissions office) if you have any questions on the requirements below. We also encourage you to join our prospective student mailing list to receive information and updates on deadlines, scholarships, financial aid, upcoming events and more.


All first-year and transfer candidates wishing to apply to an undergraduate program at Jacobs University must apply through the Common Application, an online application platform that is used by universities worldwide. To begin your application, please take a moment to read through the how to apply guide on the common application website and then create an application account.

Please pay attention to the following items as you fill out your Common Application:


One recommendation letter is required. This should ideally come from a school or university official like a career/guidance counselor, head of school, principal, dean of students, department head or faculty advisor.

NOTE: You will need to invite your recommender via the Common App. The email address of your recommender is required for this process. Your recommender will receive an invitation email once you have designated them as a recommender, and will then have to follow the link provided in the email to complete the online recommendation.


All applicants must submit official academic records from all secondary and post-secondary schools attended, whether or not a degree, certificate, or diploma was earned.

Freshman applicants (applying straight out of high school) will need to submit transcripts for the last 2-3 years of high school. Transfer applicants are required to submit their university/community college transcripts and transcripts of their last two years of high school including the high school diploma or school leaving certificate. Transcripts can be submitted to the undergraduate admissions office via these two options:

  • Your school official (counselor, teacher, principal, etc.) uploads the transcripts through the Common Application
  • You send certified copies of your transcripts to us by post using the following mailing address:
    Jacobs University Bremen
    Office of Undergraduate Admission
    Campus Ring 1
    28759 Bremen


In the 'Questions' section of the Common App, you will be required to complete the 'Additional High School Information' sub-section. Here you will need to upload an Educational History Form where you will list all the schools that you have attended up to your current school. A sample filled out form (PDF file) can be viewed via this link: Sample Educational History Form


Students who will graduate (or graduated) with the German Abitur do not need to submit standardized test scores to Jacobs University. Most applicants are required to submit SAT/ACT/TestAS scores in order to be eligible for admission to Jacobs University. You may be exempted from this requirement depending on your high school subject combination and expected/earned high school diploma type . Please check with our admission [at] (subject: Standardized%20Testing%20(ACT%2FSAT%2FTestAS)%20Requirement) (undergraduate admissions office), making sure to mention your final year high school subject combination and diploma to find out if you will be required to submit a test score before we can review your application.

The following tests are accepted:

  • Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT): this test consists of two sections: Mathematics and Evidence-Based Reading and Writing, plus an optional Essay. Jacobs University does not require the optional writing section. Each section is scored on a 200 to 800 point scale, making a perfect score of 1600. Furthermore, SAT Subject Tests are usually not required for admission to Jacobs University, but Jacobs will accept scores from the exams if you choose to additionally submit them. However, students taking IB Math Studies with no natural science subject at higher level as part of their IB subject selection are required to take SAT Subject Tests in Math 1/2 and one science (Biology E/M, Chemistry or Physics).
  • American College Testing (ACT): this test consists of four sections: English, Reading, Math, and Science, as well as an optional writing test. Jacobs University does not require the writing test offered by the ACT. Each section is scored on a 1 to 36 point scale. The composite ACT score is the average score of all the four sections of the test.
  • Test for Academic Studies (TestAS): The TestAS is a centrally adminstered, standardised scholastic aptitude test for applicants interested in pursuing their undergraduate studies in Germany. The test consists of a core test and subject-specific test modules. In addition to the core module, candidates must choose one of the following subject-specific modules: Economics, or Engineering, or Humanities, Cultural Studies and Social Sciences, or Mathematics, Computer Science and Natural Sciences. You can freely choose which subject-specific module of the test you would like to take for applying to Jacobs University except if you are going to graduate with Math Studies with no natural science subject at higher level in your IB diploma. In this case, you are required to take the Mathematics, Computer Science and Natural Sciences module.

Please note that when evaluating applications, we will consider the highest testing results reported from individual sections (also across testing dates if you took a test more than once) of the SAT and ACT (so called superscoring). You can also opt for your SAT/ACT scores to be delivered electronically directly to Jacobs University. To use this service, use the following codes: 5249 for the ACT and 3665 for the SAT.

The SAT, ACT and TestAS tests are administered throughout the world on set dates and one must register well in advance. The table below presents an overview of upcoming international test dates and their corresponding registration deadlines:

TestJacobs Application RoundTest DateRegistration Deadline
SATEarly Action or Early Action IIDec 2, 2017Nov 2, 2017: Registration website
ACTEarly Action or Early Action IIDec 9, 2017Nov 3, 2017: Registration website
TestASRolling AdmissionFeb 27, 2018Nov 13, 2017 - Jan 18, 2018: Registration website
SATRolling AdmissionMar 10, 2018Feb 9, 2018: Registration website
ACTRolling AdmissionApr 14, 2018Mar 9, 2018: Registration website

Please note that if you are required to submit standardized test scores, we will not evaluate your application file until we have received your test scores.


At Jacobs University, we want to get to know you as an applicant better. That is why we have partnered with ZeeMee, a free service that lets you easily add pesonalized items including short videos, photos and/or documents to your application. Through the ZeeMee platform, you can digitally showcase your interests, accomplishments, and challenges you have overcome both inside and outside the classroom.

To begin, just create a profile on the free ZeeMee app for iOS or Android and paste your ZeeMee profile link into the designated field in the 'Questions' section of the Common App under the 'Activities' subsection. Please note that submitting a ZeeMee profile is completely optional, but a fun way to set yourself apart and share your story with us.


All applicants must have an adequate command of the English language to enrol at Jacobs University. An applicant’s English language ability (especially for non-native speakers) may be demonstrated through language proficiency test scores.

The following policy generally applies; all applicants who:
  • are native English speakers OR
  • have been instructed exclusively in English for a minimum of 6 years OR
  • have scored 580 or higher on the SAT Critical Reading section (for SATs taken before March 2016) OR
  • have scored 600 or higher on the Evidence-Based Reading and Writing section (for SATs taken after March 2016) OR
  • have scored 25 or higher on the ACT Writing section

may qualify for an English-language proficiency test waiver. Please contact the office of admissions via admission [at] (subject: English%20Proficiency%20Test%20Waiver) to check whether or not you qualify for such a waiver.

A list of all accepted English language proficiency tests and the minimum scores required for each is shown in the table below:


Minimum Score

TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) Paper based


TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) Internet based


MELAB (Michigan Test)


British Council IELTS (Int'l. English Language Testing System)


ELPT (English Language Proficiency Test)


GCSE (British General Certificate of Secondary Education)

A or B

Cambridge EFL Examinations - Certificate of Proficiency in English


A, B, C and C1 pass

Cambridge EFL Examinations - Certificate in Advanced English

A, B and C

Cambridge EFL Examinations - First Certificate in English (extended certification)


International Baccalaureate English A Literature & English A Language and Literature

6, 7

SAT Critical Reading (Old SAT)


SAT Evidence-Based Reading and Writing (New SAT)600

ACT Writing


Duolingo English Test60%

Please consult our frequently asked questions page or contact the admission [at] (subject: Application%20Requirements) (undergraduate admissions office) if you still have questions on the application requirements.