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Meet your Recruitment Counselors

Our Recruitment Counselors are assigned to specific territories around the world where you can also meet them at school visits and fairs. Feel free to contact our team members with any question you might have.

Cristina Trifon-Calvopiña

I was born in Quito, Ecuador. I left my beloved Andean mountains to come study International Relations at Jacobs in 2010. I am a proud alumna and Jacobs enthusiast.
Afterwards I continued my career in cultural studies and literature, so when I’m not on the road for Jacobs I am most likely reading, learning about people’s stories, or getting riled up about the state of the world. This is why I work in higher education, and why I am drawn to a place like Jacobs University, where minds of the world gather to listen to each other and understand.

Languages I speak: English, Spanish, German

Tel: +49 421 200 4452
Office: Reimar Lüst Hall, 264


Sofana Rojas

Latin America and the Caribbean

I am from Nicaragua, the fascinating land of lakes and volcanoes. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in International Business Administration and a Master’s Degree in Human Resources.
I am passionate about collecting memories, learning from other cultures, being in contact with nature and photography. When I am not recruiting I am most probably traveling around, or watching documentaries/movies about traditions, food and people from other countries around the globe.

I am the local representative for Jacobs University in the Latin America and the Caribbean region. Applicants and counselors from this area, please feel free to contact me!
Languages I speak: English, Spanish, Italian



Matthew Poet

Western Europe & China

I was born in the US but moved to Belgium when I was very young and have moved around ever since, living in 14 different countries before coming to Germany to work at Jacobs. I got my BA in International Relations and MA in Government and Diplomacy, and am passionate about culture, theatre, documentaries, and foreign languages, and it is always an absolute pleasure to meet new prospective students abroad to learn more.

I am the Regional Manager for Western Europe and China, so if you are from one of these regions and have any questions or inquiries feel free to contact me at any time.
Languages I speak: German, French, Spanish, Italian, Turkish and Japanese.

Tel: +49 421 200 4216
Office: Reimar Lüst Hall, 264


Kostadin Shopov

Eastern Europe and Central Asia

My name is Kostadin, but people call me Kosta (easier, right?). I come from Bulgaria and I finished my LL.B degree in Law & International Business at Northumbria University at Newcastle in 2015. After the UK my journey continued in the Netherlands.

In 2018 I moved back to Bulgaria and now I have the privilege to be Jacobs’ local representative for Eastern Europe and Central Asia.
Languages I speak: English and Bulgarian



Victoria Fillis

North Africa, Middle East

I was born in northern Germany and moved to Bremen for my Bachelor’s degree in business studies, where I also continued with my Master’s degree focusing on Marketing. Having Bremen as a base, I love travelling and getting to know new people and different cultures – that’s one of the reasons why I think Jacobs is a great place to work. When I am not working I like to keep myself busy so I love to run a lot, watch football with friends or try out new (vegetarian) food places.

I am the Regional Manager for Middle East & North Africa - so everyone from this region interested in learning more about Jacobs University feel free to contact me.
Languages I speak: English, German, Spanish, and currently working on my Arabic skills

Tel: +49 421 200 4205
Office: Reimar Lüst Hall, 287


Hawa Kaisi Mushi

Sub-Saharan Africa

I am from the beautiful land of Tanzania, a home to Mt. Kilimanjaro, Zanzibar and the mighty Serengeti. I first arrived in Germany as a Masters exchange student with a background in Geography and Natural Resources management. I later proceeded with a PhD in Environmental Sciences. Apart from this, I have a passion for languages, academics, cultural diversity and gender-equality. By working at Jacobs, I get to experience all these day by day. Outside work, I love to travel, take walks around nature and cook for my family and friends.

I am the regional manager for the Sub-Saharan Africa region. Applicants and counselors from these regions, feel free to get in touch with me!
Languages I speak: Swahili, English and German

Tel: +49 421 200 4218
Office: Reimar Lüst Hall, 263


Ryan Mrowka

U.S. and Canada

I am originally from a small city in New York, but I have lived in several places along the American east coast. I served in the U.S. Army and taught high school history for over a decade before moving my family to Bremen. I love that Jacobs gives me the opportunity to connect with people from around the world. When I am not recruiting, I enjoy playing with my kids and watching or playing soccer (I mean “football”).

I am the regional manager for U.S. and Canada. Applicants and counselors from this region, feel free to contact me.
Languages I speak: English and some German and Spanish

Tel: +49 421 200 4301
Office: Reimar Lüst Hall, 286


Peter Tsvetkov

Asia, Turkey, Greece and Cyprus

I am originally from Bulgaria. I’ve been working at Jacobs University since 2007 in various positions, currently as a local representative for Asia, Turkey, Greece and Cyprus. Applicants and counselors from these regions, feel free to contact me.

During my many years at the university, I’ve got to love the green campus, the philosophy and the people!
Languages I speak: English, Bulgarian, Spanish, German



Ekaterina Marsanova

Partner Management & Development Coordinator

I am originally from Russia, Moscow. In 2009 I did a semester abroad in Bremen. Turns out this was the best decision I have ever made and now I have both a German and a Russian degree. I always liked being involved in university and student life and now I am happy to continue my passion at Jacobs University. Being on the road and meeting our partners who are now friends, and seeing young ambitious students and their parents makes me happy, and it makes these days unforgettable.
If I am not traveling you most likely find me in a football stadium or watching football on TV, catching up with my friends or doing sports, reading a nice book, or watching cat videos on YouTube.

I am the Partner Management & Development Coordinator in charge of Educational Partners from all over the world, so feel free to contact me with your questions.
Languages I speak: English, Russian, German

Tel: +49 421 200 4302
Email: e.marsanova [at]
Office: Reimar Lüst Hall, 287