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Bachelor of Science Undergraduate Program


Career Perspectives

Best career perspectives due to a high focus on interdisciplinarity and employability:
Because of the incorporation of management and engineering modules, graduates of the IEM program get a wide spectrum of opportunities in both the professional and academic sectors. The profile of the B.Sc. Industrial Engineering & Management graduate is of great interest to national and international, medium and large-sized, trade and service industry companies. Graduates especially qualify for tasks in the fields of Logistics, Supply Chain Management (SCM), Procurement, Manufacturing and Automation, Process Optimization, Information Technology (IT), but also for tasks from other engineering and management disciplines. The career paths that are open for graduates are as versatile as the major’s theme. They range from specializations as experts in the production logistics areas, through project management careers in different fields, to consulting/auditing.

Best career path options in top companies or universities for postgraduate education:
After graduation, students will excel at fulfilling various project responsibilities by applying the gained knowledge in the areas of manufacturing, distribution systems, supply chain management, project management, leadership, entrepreneurship, and team management. Close contacts are established with numerous companies both through field trips, networking events such as the Career Fair and guest lectures. These can help students get possible internships or gain jobs as graduates at enterprises such as Airbus, Amazon, Daimler, Barry Callebaut, Zalando, Röhlig, Porsche, Lufthansa Cargo, Hello Fresh, KPMG, and more. Postgraduates have also chosen to continue their education by undertaking a graduate degree at universities such as the University of Cambridge, Rotterdam School of Management, Vienna University of Economics and Business, Bocconi University, Dartmouth College, TU Munich, TU Berlin, KU Leuven and others.

A Career in Supply Chain - A Testimonial

Meet our Alumna Elena Isac, a graduate of the International Logistics Engineering class of 2011! Learn about the transdisciplinary education and the major that led to a great career at Barry Callebaut!

Jiaqi Song

BSc International Logistics Management and Engineering | 2016
Nationality: Chinese

Constructor University is a place of wonder. People live in harmony here despite conflicts between their countries or religions. It was not only global mindset that I acquired here; more importantly it was this hope that one day world peace can be realized.


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Aman Bhattarai

BSc International Logistics Management and Engineering | 2014
MSc International Logistics Management and Engineering | 2016
Nationality: Nepalese

Constructor University gave me eyes to look at the world with a completely different angle. It taught me to judge humanity above nationality, culture or religion. In the span of 5 years, I met people from all over the world and in some way, they became my family away from home. The intercultural competence & inter personal skills that I gained at Constructor University definitely helps me standout in my professional environment every day when I deal with my clients and partners.


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Alumni Gallery

Graduates of Constructor University follow a variety of career paths all over the world – may it be a professional or academic career or even the leap into entrepreneurship.

We want to share with you some of the exciting stories of our alumni.

Read what they have to say about the Constructor University experience and how it helped them personally and professionally.

Career Services Center

Today’s business world requires disciplinary knowledge from graduates as well as the ability to apply this knowledge. Career-related services at Constructor University provide information, counseling and training, networks, and events. Constructor University’s students participate in trainings on project management, business communication, job interview skills, and more. Digital job and internship portfolios help students to prepare for their career.

Contact the Career Services Center for more information
Email: csc [at]
Phone: +49 421 200-4225

Alumni Association

Studying at Constructor University gives you connections – often for your whole life.

The JACOBS UNIVERSITY BREMEN ALUMNI ASSOCIATION E.V. was founded in 2004 by the first generation of graduates. Since then, around 4,500 students have obtained their degrees from Constructor University.

Contact the Constructor University Alumni Relations Office
Email: alumni [at]
Phone: +49 421 200-4238