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Bachelor of Arts - Undergraduate Program

Integrated Social Sciences (ISS) - The Program

Young people that have the motivation and ambition to make a difference - be that in politics, business, NGOs or academia - will need to have a clear understanding of three basic perspectives:

  • Where is our society going?
  • What role can, what role should politics play?
  • What are the risks and opportunities modern Media entail?

Tomorrow's’ leaders need to get the broader picture and creatively apply a broad knowledge of social sciences with good methodological skills to help solve the problems we are facing, today. They need to be aware of the digital and global context of contemporary challenges to find new, creative paths on a micro- meso- and macro level of development. They need to see both the systemic and the cultural components of the crises and conflicts we are challenged with. And they should be equipped not only with a good analytic understanding of modern media, but also with the skills to produce media products, themselves, should this interest them. ISS was top ranked in the CHE Rankings 2018.

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Career Perspectives

Careers in international business, the media, non-governmental organizations, public administration, international aid agencies, the cultural sector, community development, fundraising, youth and social work.

Key Facts

Program Start Date 2019:

last week of August (orientation week), first week of September (classes)


€ 20,000 per academic year
+ € 6,650 living expenses


All applicants are considered for merit-based scholarships of up to € 15,000 per year.

Application Deadlines 2019:

June 1 (global) and July 15 (for applicants who do not need a visa)


3 years full-time


Financing Options:

Each admitted candidate will receive an individual financial package.


The Integrated Social Sciences (ISS) BA program at Jacobs University is a unique program, designed for an international student body and by a faculty strongly committed to interdisciplinary research. The program comprises three major disciplines of the social sciences: sociology, communication science and political science. In addition, the ISS Media Center offers students the instruments and the professional know-how to study and analyze modern media not only in theory, but also advanced proficiency in the development of modern media products of their own. These media products can be chosen as an alternative form of assessment in a certain number of courses.

After a mandatory general introduction to the three disciplines of the social sciences involved, the three-year program focuses on the following core topical units:

  • Crisis & Conflict Management
  • Social, Media- and Political systems
  • Communication, Culture & Consumption
  • Applying Social Science in Research
  • Advanced Qualitative & Quantitative Methods

ISS is designed to be custom tailored to fit the needs of each individual student. This means that students can not only focus on these topical fields but also on the disciplinary perspective they prefer, be that regarding society, media or politics.

Students learn how contemporary societies have developed and how they function, with a focus on key challenges our societies are confronted with a global and local level, with a strong emphasis on digital context. None of these issues can be fully grasped, let alone addressed, through the prism of a single social science. A comprehensive understanding will only be achieved by integrating insights from all three social sciences.

Ultimately, the aim of the ISS program is to train students to gain a broad and creative problem-solving perspective on contemporary issues on a micro, meso and macro level.


Study program structure


THE Young University Ranking 2019 Jacobs University has been top-ranked # 26 of 351 universities worldwide younger than 50 years, #11 in “Teaching” among the young universities worldwide as well as #1 in “International Outlook” and “Teaching” in Germany

CHE Ranking 2019 Jacobs University achieved top results in numerous other areas of the CHE ranking 2019. The most detailed university ranking in the German-speaking region not only takes into account facts on the range of courses but also questions students themselves.

5 Reasons

5 reasons why you should study Integrated Social Sciences at Jacobs University

  1. Gain in-depth knowledge and skills in 3 social science disciplines: Political Science, Sociology, Communication Science
  2. It is Student-centered and research-oriented
  3. Focus on in-depth and advanced social sciences methods
  4. Integration into ongoing research projects
  5. Step into the footsteps of our graduates who have gone on to prestigious graduate schools such as Oxford, Harvard, Stanford Graduate School, University of Edinburgh, etc.
Students & Alumni

I really didn’t expect that I could gain such a high degree of intercultural tolerance and understanding after the three years.

Yingzhao Zhu

Jacobs was truly an amazing experience.

Trevor Walker

I studied ISS at Jacobs and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Sarah Cleto

This area includes topics such as social cohesion, state systems, and the preservation of social welfare or the effects of regulatory systems on the individual, such as their impact on human rights. Diversity is thus regarded as a driving force behind development and progress.
Life on campus
Become part of a global community
Jacobs Students come from all over the world to live and learn at Jacobs University. Our student body represents 110 nations. They form an ambitious campus community whose internationality is unprecedented in Europe. Jacobs University’s green and tree-shaded 80-acre campus provides much more than buildings for teaching and research.
CHE 2019: Successful right from the start - Jacobs University achieves top marks in CHE ranking for supporting its first-year students and for its internationality
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Student at Jacobs University Bremen is World Champion in Bench Pressing
Andrew Fiocco did it. At the World Championships in Bench Pressing, the World Powerlifting Congress in Florida, the student from Jacobs University Bremen won the title in his weight class. The 21-year-old lifted more than...
Dr. Sonia Lippke, Professorin für Gesundheitspsychologie an der Jacobs University
What is the individual benefit of health promotion at work?
It is a win-win situation; workplace health promotion is beneficial for both employees and the company. In their study of many single tests on workplace health promotion, Prof. Dr. Sonia Lippke from Jacobs University Bremen...

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