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Bachelor of Arts - Undergraduate Program

International Business Administration (IBA) - The Program

The International Business Administration program covers all the essential areas of business and management with an international outlook. Students will develop strategic and practical perspectives on value creation in a globalized, culturally diverse, and technology-driven world. Topics that are emphasized include the management of international firms, the integration of information technology in all business areas, and the influence of the economic and cultural context on business activities. The program covers all essential areas of international business and management, combining theoretical knowledge, practical application and scientific methods.

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Career Perspectives

Careers in a broad range of businesses, especially international and internationalizing firms with a focus on future-oriented industries, e.g. renewable energy, health, information technology, automotive and aerospace industries.

Key Facts

Program Start Date 2020:

last week of August (orientation week), first week of September (classes)


€ 20,000 per academic year
+ € 8,650 living expenses


All applicants are considered for merit-based scholarships of up to € 15,000 per year.

Application Deadlines 2020:

June 1 (global) and July 15 (for applicants who do not need a visa)


3 years full-time


Financing Options:

Each admitted candidate will receive an individual financial package.


The three-year undergraduate program involves six semesters of study with a total of 180 ECTS credit points (CP). The curricular structure follows an innovative and student-centered modularization scheme - the 3C-Model - that groups the disciplinary content of the three study years according to overarching themes:


Study program structure

CHE Ranking

The BA programs in the Department of Economics and Management; International Business Administration (IBA) and Global Economics and Management (GEM) are among the strongest majors at Jacobs University. IBA and GEM directly address economic, business and social challenges of tomorrow.

These programs have already established an excellent national reputation as evidenced by our consistently strong CHE ranking.

Students & Alumni

You will find yourself applying what you learn in this program, to your everyday life in ways that you couldn’t have before.

Airinë Nuqi


The research in the department of Economics and Management covers a wide array of topics, such as International Business, Organization, International Economics, Management Information Systems, Organizational Behavior, Cross Cultural Analysis, Diversity Management.

Specializations are on China and BRIC countries, trust, energy and sustainability, and diversity.

This area includes topics such as social cohesion, state systems, and the preservation of social welfare or the effects of regulatory systems on the individual, such as their impact on human rights. Diversity is thus regarded as a driving force behind development and progress.
Life on campus
Become part of a global community
Jacobs Students come from all over the world to live and learn at Jacobs University. Our student body represents 110 nations. They form an ambitious campus community whose internationality is unprecedented in Europe. Jacobs University’s green and tree-shaded 80-acre campus provides much more than buildings for teaching and research.
Positive Management of Demographic Challenges
How companies can reinvent themselves
Everyone is talking about digital transformation, and many companies regard it as one of their most important tasks. But existing approaches do not go far enough, a digitization of business processes - the "digital transformation"...
Christoph Lattemann, Professor für Business Administration und Information Management an der Jacobs University
Research objective: Better services for people
No matter whether it's childcare, care, mobility, education or neighbourhood services: In contrast to industry, there has been little sign of comprehensive digitization in such person-related services to date. But that is just changing. In...
Dr. Sonia Lippke, Professorin für Gesundheitspsychologie an der Jacobs University
What is the individual benefit of health promotion at work?
It is a win-win situation; workplace health promotion is beneficial for both employees and the company. In their study of many single tests on workplace health promotion, Prof. Dr. Sonia Lippke from Jacobs University Bremen...

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