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Bachelor of Science - Undergraduate Program


Career Perspectives

Students who have completed the MCCB program will understand how the life of cells, organisms, and humans is organized at the chemical molecular level. This opens the door to graduate education (most often in biochemistry, medicinal chemistry, or organic chemistry) but also to a wide variety of career choices ranging from the strictly scientific (entry level industrial positions in the chemical, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, or food industries) to education (elementary or high school), to regulatory affairs (analytical food testing laboratories, quality management, etc.) to legal counsel (patent attorney, licensing, etc.) to start-ups. The critical, goal-oriented, skills acquired from your in-depth analysis of chemical-biological problems may also be recognized by headhunters as transferable to non-scientific areas of employment. The mandatory MCCB summer internship, most often within the industrial research sector, is a professional growth experience that is invaluable for aiding students in their career making decision process.

The Career Services Center (CSC) as well as the Jacobs Alumni Office help students in their career development. The CSC provides students with high-quality training and coaching in CV creation, cover letter formulation, interview preparation, effective presenting, business etiquette and employer research as well as in many other aspects, thus helping students identify and follow up rewarding careers after their time at Jacobs University. Furthermore, the Alumni Office helps students establish a long-lasting and worldwide network which comes in handy when exploring job options in academia, industry, and elsewhere.

Excellent Education

At Jacobs University students are actively involved in research from their first year of study. On a campus where the whole world is at home Jacobs students graduate as responsible global citizens ready to use their acquired skills to make a difference in tomorrow’s world.

Tarek Marei

BSc Medicinal Chemistry and Chemical Biology | 2021
Nationality: Syrian

Studying at Jacobs is truly a unique experience in essence. Jacobs is the only university in Germany where you can learn both inside and outside class.

You meet wonderful people outside class and you get to know more about their cultures, you live with them for 3 years and build friendships for life.

Inside the classroom you interact directly with your professors thanks to the small classroom sizes, which in my opinion leads to a better learning experience.

Juan Ignaciao Oviedo

BSc Medicinal Chemistry and Chemical Biology | 2023
Nationality: Equadorian

Jacobs is the perfect place for eager learners, every day you get to learn something new.

Besides having devoted and experienced professors, you get to know unique individuals that you can share amazing perspectives, great stories and become close friends with.

This community makes you grow and reminds you to keep yourself up despite the difficulties.

Alumni Gallery

Graduates of Jacobs University follow a variety of career paths all over the world – may it be a professional or academic career or even the leap into entrepreneurship.

We want to share with you some of the exciting stories of our alumni.

Read what they have to say about the Jacobs experience and how it helped them personally and professionally.

Career Services Center

Today’s business world requires disciplinary knowledge from graduates as well as the ability to apply this knowledge. Career-related services at Jacobs University provide information, counseling and training, networks, and events. Jacobs University’s students participate in trainings on project management, business communication, job interview skills, and more. Digital job and internship portfolios help students to prepare for their career.

Contact the Career Services Center for more information
Email: csc [at]
Phone: +49 421 200-4225

Alumni Association

Studying at Jacobs University gives you connections – often for your whole life.

The JACOBS UNIVERSITY BREMEN ALUMNI ASSOCIATION E.V. was founded in 2004 by the first generation of graduates. Since then, around 4,500 students have obtained their degrees from Jacobs University.

Contact the Jacobs Alumni Relations Office
Email: d.heinsen [at]
Phone: +49 421 200-4238