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The Executive Board Welcomes its New Majority Shareholder

In its twenty years of existence, Jacobs University has been known for its unique standing in the higher education landscape:
A private, English-speaking university in northern Germany, with internationality engrained in its DNA. A holistic and interdisciplinary approach to living, learning, working and doing research on one campus distinguishes Jacobs University.

Finding a new majority shareholder who shares Jacobs University’s key values along with the vision and potential to jointly set standards in the higher education field was important to us – and we are delighted and proud to have found an incredible partner and new majority shareholder in the Schaffhausen Institute of Technology (SIT).

Founded in Switzerland in 2019, SIT is an international educational and research institution, which addresses global challenges through science, technology, and education.

Interdisciplinary by design, SIT connects the world’s brightest scientists, researchers and entrepreneurs in the fields of quantum technology, advanced materials, computer science, machine intelligence, automation, cybersecurity, and related emerging and advanced technologies. The SIT ecosystem expands across education, science and business, offering unique resources and tools to enable academics, entrepreneurs, researchers, and students to work together towards developing and commercializing intelligent solutions for a better world.

The close cooperation between Jacobs University and SIT will play a key role in making Jacobs University Bremen one of the leading universities in the EU in research and teaching, as well as advancing Bremen as an innovation hub. We are very much excited about it!