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About the Schaffhausen Institute of Technology

According to Serg “SB” Bell, Founder and Chairman of the Board of SIT and Founder of Swiss-Singaporean tech unicorn Acronis, “Both SIT and JUB are places of interdisciplinary excellence in science, technology and education.” Furthermore, Bell is convinced that “SIT’s scientific excellence in eight focus areas will add tremendous value to Bremen’s ecosystem – Automotive, Aerospace, Logistics and Sea Port, Life Sciences – that could leverage new insights from autonomous driving and robotics, cyber security and integration systems, business sciences and more.”

About SIT
Founded in Schaffhausen, Switzerland in 2019, the Schaffhausen Institute of Technology (SIT) is Swiss international educational and research institution founded by entrepreneurs, led by scientists, and advanced by world-class researchers. SIT addresses global challenges through science, technology, and education.

This flagship project relies on a network of partners, including the world’s top-ranking universities and leading experts in computer science, quantum technologies, advanced materials and business sciences.

SIT’s educational and research programs are led by world-class scientists and innovators and are open to Swiss and international students, both on-site and online. Cutting across disciplines, SIT creates a unique ecosystem that emphasizes industry-academia collaboration and practical knowledge.

Interdisciplinary by design, SIT connects the world’s brightest scientists, researchers and entrepreneurs in the fields of quantum technology, advanced materials, computer science, machine intelligence, automation, cybersecurity, and related emerging and advanced technologies. The SIT ecosystem expands across education, science and business, offering unique resources and tools to enable academics, entrepreneurs, researchers, and students to work together towards developing and commercializing intelligent solutions for a better world.

SIT is comprised of three key components: education, research, and business. SIT’s education and research programs are supported by a strategic advisory board (SAB) composed of some of the world’s most prominent scientists and academics, chaired by Nobel Prize Winner Sir Konstantin Novoselov. German AI pioneer Wolfgang Wahler recently joined the SAB.

  • SIT education programs: o SIT Masters o SIT Ph.D. o SIT Academy for Executives o SIT Programming School for children aged 6 to 13
  • SIT Institute for Advanced Study (IAS) research projects and programs.
  • SIT Holding, which supervises commercial spin-offs (such as SIT Alemira, a digital ecosystem for research and education; and SIT Autonomous, which offers AI consulting in driverless mobility, robotics, and professional sports); on-campus and digital consulting and business services (SIT Campus); an early-stage startup accelerator program (SIT StartGarden); venture investment (SIT Capital); and access to an unparalleled network of business operators, investment funds, technology companies, and advisors.

About Serg Bell
The Chairman of the Board and Founder of SIT is Dr. Serg Bell (SB). A citizen of Singapore, SB is the founder of more than two dozen companies around the world, including Swiss software “unicorn”Acronis, virtualization provider Parallels (acquired by Corel), and Virtuozzo. SB is a senior founding partner of Runa Capital, Phystech Ventures, and QWave Capital Venture Funds. A lifelong learner and proponent of education, SB has deep experience in the development and management of academia and research institutions. SB holds a B.S. in Physics (1992), M.S. in Physics and Electrical Engineering (1995), Ph.D. in Computer Science (2007) and D.Sc. h.c. in Computer Science (2012) from Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology. SB has filed 200+ patents (USPTO), H-index of 39.

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