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An Inter-Corporate Strategic HR Development Project

Work Force Exchange + Qualification

An Inter-Corporate Strategic HR Development Project


Topic: Aging Work Force – Motivation, Agility, and New Perspectives for Older Employees

Project: 3 large companies – an Automotive Manufacturer (Bremen), an Aerospace Company (Bremen) and a Logistics Company  (Bremen) participated in a cross-company employee exchange (3 months) along with accompanying advanced training measures and workshop on the campus of Jacobs University

Challenge 1: Keeping competencies up to date

  • There is a danger that rapid change in business models, technologies, and work worlds will leave older workers behind
  • The ability to create value over the long term depends on the current state of knowledge and range of skills of the employees

Solution: UPDATING, through insights into the latest developments in technology and management

Challenge 2: Maintaining agility

  • The ability “to see past the end of your nose” is limited by long-term activity in the same environment with similar tasks
  • Creativity is promoted by insights into other structures and approaches

Solution: Open up through joint experience of other work worlds and professional challenges

Challenge 3: Strengthening motivation

  • Investments in the development of competencies often focus on younger employees
  • Long-term motivation is influenced by new stimuli, appreciation, and opportunities for development

Solution: MOTIVATION through investment in competencies with custom-tailored programs


Didactic competencies:

Interactive lectures
In interactive seminars and workshops, experts at Jacobs University and external trainers provide a practical overview of the current state of the art in specific topical areas

Case studies
On the basis of current and historical examples from business, the participants analyse real case studies with practical challenges on topics such as disruptive innovation, big data, or Industry 4.0

Stimulus presentations
In stimulus presentations, representatives of Daimler, BLG, and Airbus present the visions of the future of the 3 enterprises and take part in a critical discussion with the participants and the seminar moderator