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Get the best start into your bachelor’s program

Join the International Foundation Year at Jacobs University on Germany’s most international campus. The academic preparatory program allows you to explore different subjects, strengthen your personal and academic skills, and develop your English language abilities to ensure the best possible start into your international undergraduate education.

The right pathway for your Future

Do you need to gain skills to succeed at the bachelor’s degree of your choice or are you undecided about what you want to study? Our International Foundation Year offers you two pathways to a degree course at Jacobs University. You can choose between the Focused or Orientation Pathway.

  • The Focused Pathway
    This pathway allows you to study a specific subject (Business, Engineering, Social Sciences, Natural Sciences or Computer Science) in preparation for your chosen degree course.
    1. Choose your subject
    2. Study subject modules over two semesters
    3. Successfully complete your International Foundation Year
    4. Progress directly into year one of your chosen undergraduate degree program
  • The Orientation Pathway
    On this pathway you explore a variety of subjects and decide on your degree program later.
    1. Choose a subject to focus on during your first semester
    2. In your second semester choose a different one
    3. During your second semester, you will choose your degree program
    4. Successfully complete your International Foundation Year
    5. Progress directly into year one of your chosen undergraduate degree program

Your Benefits At a glance

  • Intensive preparation for your bachelor studies.
    Exploration of courses in different disciplines
    English related to academic and specific degree programs
    Personal development program
    Personal tutors available
  • Small class sizes with 20 students or less
    Excellent private university, top-ranked academic programs
    Inspiring international environment with students from over 110 countries
    Promising career prospects thanks to strong professor and alumni networks
    Living and learning on a safe campus

Why choose Jacobs University

As a private, non-profit, English-speaking university offering the highest standards in research and teaching, Jacobs University attracts highly talented and open-minded students from all over the world. On Germany’s most international campus students become citizens of the world, able to take responsibility for a sustainable and peaceful future of humanity.

  • Academic Quality

    Students are held to the highest academic standards, and benefit greatly from interdisciplinary education, individualized mentorship from faculty, and early research opportunities.

  • International Outlook

    With more than 110 nations represented on campus, students live and learn among a melting pot of ideas and viewpoints, providing an experience that both uncovers new passions and broadens perspective.

  • Personal Development

    We graduate students with self-competence and social skills. The diversity encountered during their education prepares them to participate within diverse cultures and global industries.

  • Employability

    Our graduates go on to successful careers in business and science, possessing the interdisciplinary knowledge and experience today’s employers seek.


    € 20,000
    € 8,000

All International Foundation Year students live and learn on our spacious and vibrant campus. The total cost of the program is € 28,000. This amount includes all costs associated with the program and the following benefits:

  • Academic advising for a smooth transition to higher education
  • SAT test preparation and registration
  • Residential colleges with modern rooms
  • In-college cafeterias with board included
  • Fully equipped recreation center and multimedia rooms
  • Semester ticket for local transportation
  • Orientation week to facilitate your Jacobs University arrival
  • Host-family program
  • Individual support
  • 24/7 campus security service



Campus Life

Join our vibrant Campus Life

Develop your interpersonal and intercultural skills by joining one or more of our many clubs and participating in a variety of campus life activities. Experience team spirit on our Rowing Team, strike the right notes in our J-Cappella choir or philosophize in our Debating Society. No matter what your interests and hobbies are, there is something for everyone.


Top ranked in Germany and worldwide

Among top 300 best universities worldwide

University with the most international outlook in Germany

#27 young university worldwide

#1 private university in Germany

#2 young university in Germany

#1 young university in Teaching in Germany

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