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Executive Education


Our Executive Education Programs give you the ability to utilize the very latest research findings for your strategic human resource development – combining specialized training of a highly interdisciplinary nature with the ability to gain cross-cultural leadership expertise.

Our Program Options

We put together an individual program specifically for you and tailored to your topics, needs, and markets.
From compact Seminars & Workshops to a variety of On-campus education programs – we turn our knowledge into your success factor.

Our Education Topics

Staying competitive means becoming much more agile, adaptive and aligned. A well-qualified work force with the relevant knowledge and skills to respond to current and future challenges  is the key competitive advantage. Our education topics cover the hot aspect and challenges in data management, manufacturing and logistics, life science as well as intercultural leadership and human resource management.

Select your custom-tailored set of programs and topics to make sure your employees become your future game-changers and top performers.



For further information on programs and topics or to discuss your specific HR qualification demands, please contact:
Hagen Boettcher
Business Development
+49 421 200-4404
h.boettcher [at]