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Faces of Constructor University

Let’s face it: Constructor University is a unique place in Germany. And it is such a place because of the people from more than 110 nations on this campus. Each and every of this faces makes a difference. In our series “Faces” we are featuring students, alumni, professors, employees and others who are connected with Constructor University. All stories that have already been published can be found here.

Together these faces build a growing mosaic and make clear what we all at Constructor University have in common. No matter what department we work in. No matter what we’re studying, researching or teaching: We share common beliefs. We believe that education opportunities must not be a matter of nationality and family origin. We believe that the pressing problems of our time can only be solved in a dialog between the research disciplines and world cultures. And we know that people can live in peace together no matter what their origin and religion may be. Because we face it together every day.