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Students with Special Needs

All students whose capacity to study is impaired by health reasons have the right to apply for special arrangements irrespective of the form of impairment. These may apply to all study- and examination achievements and may be granted for single occasions or long-term. The arrangements are individually designed and need-based.

Applications for special examination arrangements must be submitted at the beginning of the respective semester or, in case of long-term compensation measures, which may be granted for the entire duration of the study period, before the student takes up his/her studies. All applications are treated confidentially.

How to apply for special examination arrangements:
    Please send a written application to the Student Records Office detailing in which way your ability to study/take examination is impaired and indicating which special arrangements are needed,
    in addition to this application, please provides a medical certificate, which indicates the appropriate measures. The medical certificate does not have to contain a detailed diagnosis but a description of symptoms, which leads to the need for certain examination arrangements. The medical certificate should not be older than 5 years.

  • The application must be submitted by October 31st in the Fall Semester and by March 31st in the Spring Semester
  • the Deans decide upon the implementation of special arrangements within two weeks,
  • the SSC office will inform you in writing on the outcome of the application
  • you will need to inform your instructors by November 20th in the Fall Semester and April 20th in the Spring Semester

Special Needs Application