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Jacobs University Financing Options

When applying to university it can be a daunting prospect when considering how you will finance your studies. At Jacobs we have a streamlined process which aims to make this part of your university experience as easy as possible. Each admitted applicant for our graduate programs will receive a personal financial package offer which may include a scholarship, a tuition deferral plan and an expected family contribution. For many prospective students, this package makes it possible to join Jacobs University in spite of personal financial constraints.

Please note that the financing options described on this page are not available for joint programs with other universities and PhD programs. Please see the respective program websites for more information.

Financial Package Components

1. Jacobs University Graduate Scholarships
All applicants for the MSc Data Engineering and the MSc Supply Chain Engineering & Management are automatically considered for Jacobs University Graduate Scholarships of up to € 12,000 per year. Jacobs University Graduate Scholarships are merit-based, taking into account the applicant's personal achievements without regard to his/her material wealth or resources. Jacobs University Graduate Scholarships do not need to be repaid.

2. Tuition Deferral Plan
The tuition deferral plan is similar to a loan program and allows students to defer paying part of their tuition. Students are not required to make any repayments while they are enrolled at Jacobs University. After graduating or leaving Jacobs University, students receive a six-month grace period in which they do not have to make any repayments. After the grace period, students go into repayment.

3. Expected Family Contribution
These are the funds that the student and/or his/her family contribute to the tuition costs. The expected family contribution is calculated based on the tuition fee, the student’s scholarship and his/her tuition deferral plan. The minimum expected family contribution for graduate students at Jacobs University is € 5,000 per year.

Making Use of Jacobs University's Graduate Financing Options
To benefit from Jacobs University's graduate financing options, please proceed in five steps:
  1. Apply for one of our graduate programs.
  2. Receive your admission letter and your financial package offer.
  3. Return your acceptance letter.
  4. Pay your enrollment deposit and your first installment.
  5. Join your graduate program at Jacobs University.

More Information

For more information and assistance please contact our Student Financial Services department: sfs [at]