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Incoming Students

When you come to Jacobs as an incoming student, you can choose from one of our customizable study tracks Health Sciences, Environmental Sciences, Computer Science and Biotechnology.

Visiting and exchange students get guaranteed access to a choice of courses from our own course catalog and take tailor-made social science electives that have been created to complement the major related subjects. Any remaining credits required can be made up with the regular course catalog.

Alongside each of the tracks are specially designed excursions around Europe where students have the chance to visit renowned research sights such as the Red Cross and CERN in Geneva, the Charité in Berlin or the European Parliament in Brussels to support the classroom learning.

Each track offers an academic advisor who is also a Study Track Chair, having worked with the International Programs Office to curate the study track programs.

If you don’t think one of the tracks works for you, that’s not a problem! We would work with you specifically to design your own program from the regular Jacobs courses.

"Jacobs truly represents a diverse and dynamic community where students from all over the globe are able to share a bit of their culture and also learn about others. This semester, I have been lucky enough to engage in this process of sharing, listening, and growing with some amazing students who I can now call friends. Its been a great experience!"

Joel: Vassar College, USA


5 Steps to Study Abroad at Jacobs:

You are a university student looking for an exciting English-language study abroad experience in Europe? If your GPA is at least a 3.0 (American, or a B letter grade) and your English competence is at a CEFR B2 level or higher, you are welcome to start your study abroad application with us.

Does Jacobs University offer courses that fit with my program?

All of the undergraduate courses at Jacobs University are open for any student who is studying with us and who has the necessary prerequisites. However we have found that many students are interested in specific programs, and therefore we have worked with our faculty members to design and deliver to you four key subject study tracks. The syllabi to each of the courses listed can be found in the respective program handbooks:
Biotechnology / Chemical Engineering
- Track
- Handbook
Computer Science
- Track
- Handbook
Environmental Sciences
- Track
- Handbook
Health Sciences
- Track
- Handbook
If you are interested in studying a different study track, that’s not a problem! Check out our course catalog to see what other courses we offer and find out what suits you best – you can also always international [at] (email) us for assistance.

I found matching courses and I would like to study abroad at Jacobs:

Ask your International or Study Abroad Office if they have a partnership agreement with Jacobs University.

Yes, my home university is a partner:

After being approved and nominated by your International or Study Abroad Office, you can start your application as an exchange, visiting or Erasmus student.

No, my home university is not a partner:

Your GPA is at least 3.0 American numerical value (B letter grade or equivalent) and your English level is CEFR B2 (TOEFL iBT 80 or equivalent)? You are welcome to start your direct application as an individual visiting student or free mover.
*Set up an account with our CampusNet and log in, select and save Incoming Study Abroad as the Program Choice, in the Current Application options click Apply to Incoming Study Abroad. You can upload all documents electronically.

I completed the application, what is next?

Based on the availability of places, Jacobs International Office will select applicants and contact you to confirm your acceptance and provide you with further information regarding practical aspects of your stay such as visa.

What should I take care of before arrival?

Please read the Study Abroad Handbook, obtain your visa, settle your financial payments to Jacobs University and inform International Office about your arrival time. We take care of the rest. Welcome to the Jacobs community!