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Learning Languages

Communicative skills and foreign language competence foster students’ intercultural awareness and enhance their employability in a globalized and interconnected world. Jacobs University supports its students in acquiring and improving these skills by offering a variety of language courses other than English at all proficiency levels. Emphasis is put on fostering German language skills as they are an important prerequisite for students to learn about, explore, and eventually integrate into their host country. It facilitates the exchange with the local neighborhood, enables students to do an internship at a German company, and it paves the way for a professional or academic career in Germany.

Language courses are an integral part of the curriculum and provide ECTS credits. At the undergraduate level, German language courses are mandatory for all non-German native speakers. German native speakers have to choose another language offered at JU in order to fulfill their mandatory language requirements. At the graduate level, language courses are included in the curriculum but not always mandatory (visit each program's website for further information).
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German courses are taught by Jacobs University’s team of experienced language lecturers, whereas Spanish, French and Chinese are taught by renowned language institutes, such as Instituto Cervantes, Institute Français, and Konfuzius Institut.

The German placement test for the fall semester 2021 will be done online and must be completed independently until August 29. Registration is not necessary to take the placement test. Please click here for more information.



Ms Dr. Silke Cramer: S.Cramer [at]
Ms Dr. Iris Steckemetz: I.Steckemetz [at]
Mr Max Schlenker: m.schlenker [at]

For general information please write to: learninglanguages [at]