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Financial Aid for Bachelor Programs

As a private, non-profit higher education institution, Jacobs University covers part of its operational costs by study fees. For students with limited financial resources, Jacobs University offers scholarships and operates a need-based system of financial aid that consists of grants and tuition deferrals (student loans).
Students who have been accepted for undergraduate admission may apply for financial aid and will receive an individually calculated financial aid package, which may contain some or all of the following components:

Determined by the Office of Admissions on the basis of academic and social merit.

Determined by the Office of Student Financial Services on the basis of the need shown in your financial aid application and supporting documents.

Tuition Deferral:
Similar to a student loan - payment of a portion of your tuition is postponed until after graduating from or leaving Jacobs University permanently.

We also offer individualized financial aid packages, which may include grants, scholarships, and/or tuition deferrals that help make it possible for you to study at our university.
NEW: JUStudyAtEase
A new program called JUStudyAtEase, developed in cooperation with the renowned German financial service provider Brain Capital, offers prospective students the opportunity to get a deferral in order to pay their tuition fees. This new offer is addressing students from Germany who are starting their studies in 2018. The tuition deferral is offered independently from the parents' income and gives students a lot of flexibility in order to pay back their tuition fees. Instead of a fixed repayment schedule, the participants transfer a fixed percentage of their income once they have successfully started their professional career.
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Below you can find an example of a calculation for a financial aid package (please note that your individual financial aid package may be different):

Tuition fees per semester (including Room & Board): 13.000
Merit-based scholarship:                                                    - 2.500
Need-based grant:                                                             - 1.000
Tuition deferral:                                                                  - 4.500
Expected Family Contribution:                                      = 5.000
Expected Family Contribution (EFC): The actual amount of money due for an academic year for tuition and fees.
Our budget is limited so please apply for financial aid as early as possible.
Currently, the financial aid package is calculated for the cost of tuition, room and board at Jacobs University Bremen. It does not cover any additional costs, like the university fee, semester ticket, health insurance, residence permit, books, travel, and personal care.
For more information on payment details and deadlines see the Student Financial Services Payment and Financial Aid Policies Handbook.

Contact & Deadlines

Student Financial Services
SFS [at]
Financial Aid Application Deadlines:
Early Decision / Transfer Students: December 1
Early Action: January 1
Early Action II: March 1
Rolling Admission: June 15

Quick Facts

69% of our students received a grant and/or a tuition deferral.

66% of our students received a scholarship (external and/or internal).

Our partial merit based scholarships range in value between € 1,250 and € 7,500 per semester.


You can find more detailed information here: study/undergraduate/fees-finances