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Tuition & Fees

The direct costs of attendance for the incoming class of 2018 include tuition, room & board and university fees.
Jacobs University Cost of Attendance 2018/2019
(Jacobs University costs only)
Tuition** € 20,000
Room & Board* € 6,000
Fees € 410
Total Cost of Attendance  € 26,410
Costs may change without notice.
* If you take part in the world track program in your fifth semester and you do not live on campus, no room or board will be charged for this semester.
** The Medical Natural Sciences program (MedNat) charges € 30.000 per academic year tuition only. There will be no scholarships or tuition deferral available for this program and the yearly fees need to be paid in advance in order to start the program..
** The Medical Preparatory study program (MedPrep) tuition, room and board is € 25,000.
Students must be prepared to cover all additional costs, which exceed their financial aid package and to ensure that these funds are available before they arrive. Financial aid packages cover tuition, room and board only.  Students with partners or families should anticipate additional expenses, which are not covered by university aid. 
Please see the Cost of Attendance sheet for more detailed information.