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Industrial Engineering & Management (BSc)
Mathematics (BSc)
Computer Science (BSc)
Electrical and Computer Engineering (BSc)
Robotics and Intelligent Systems (BSc)
Intelligent Mobile Systems (BSc) - valid until Batch 2019/Class of 2022!


Biochemistry and Cell Biology (BSc)
Chemistry and Biotechnology (BSc)
Chemistry (BSc) - valid until Batch 2019/Class of 2022!
Medicinal Chemistry and Chemical Biology (BSc)
Earth and Environmental Sciences (BSc)
Physics (BSc)


Global Economics and Management (BA)
International Business Administration (BA)
Society, Media and Politics (BA)
Integrated Social Sciences (BA) - valid until Batch 2019/Class of 2022!
International Relations: Politics and History (BA)
Integrated Social and Cognitive Psychology (BSc)
Psychology (BA) - valid until Batch 2019/Class of 2022!

“Jacobs has taught me a series of life lessons, such as how to overcome challenges in a proactive way and the true meaning of friendship."

Paulina Pineda, Biochemistry and Cell Biology, Mexico


“Inside the classroom you interact directly with your professors thanks to the small classroom sizes, which in my opinion leads to a better learning experience."

Tarek Marei, Medicinal Chemistry and Chemical Biology, Syria


“Jacobs is the perfect place to meet open-minded people that are aiming memories you will never forget."

Emilia Ergin, Integrated Social Sciences, Germany


“I truly do look and think about my future in positive light due to the experiences that I have had on this campus!"

Lynn Shiyayo Linkhanga, Earth and Environmental Sciences, Kenya


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Learning Languages

Jacobs University supports its students in acquiring and improving their skills by offering a variety of language courses.

Community Impact Project

With the initiative “CIP”, Jacobs University students in their fifth semester engage in major-related projects for the benefit of the community to create positive change.