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Cornel Amariei

BSc Electrical Engineering & Computer Science | 2015

Nationality: Romania

Graduate School: Master in European Business, École supérieure de commerce de Paris Europe

Current Position: Head of Innovation at Continental, Munich

I work at Continental, one of the largest electronics/automotive manufacturers in the world. Besides that, I’m also CEO and Founder at .lumen, which is a blind-assisting device which helps the visually impaired navigate. For all of my services and success, Forbes nominated me as one of the “30 under 30” in Europe.

“I came here for structure. And I got it.”


As Jacobs has adopted changes in curricula over the years, some of the study programs the alumni have been in might no longer be offered. However, the elements of interdisciplinarity, woven in with diverse perspectives to foster a holistic education, is and will always be the principle that
governs all of the study programs Jacobs offers. Alumni featured on this website may have studied different subjects, but their appreciation for Jacobs, their journey at Jacobs, and their journey beyond Jacobs stays the same.