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Jacobs students honored for outstanding commitment

Jacobs Mercator Stiftung Award 2015
Jacobs University students Hanna Kuznetsova and Gabriela Constantin-Dureci have been honored with the 2014/2015 Mercator Award. The Ukrainian and Romanian, both aged 21, receive 5,000 euros each. Since 2008, students who have distinguished themselves due to outstanding social and intercultural commitment and excellent performance in their studies and who live in Mercator College on the Jacobs University campus have been honored on a yearly basis. A representative of the Stiftung Mercator foundation presented the prizes to the two winners.
May 22, 2015
“In addition to their excellent academic performance, we have been impressed by the outstanding personal commitment shown by Hanna Kuznetsova and Gabriela Constantin-Dureci,” explained Dr. Felix Streiter, Head of the Science Department of the Stiftung Mercator Foundation. “The Mercator Award is also designed to motivate other students to actively contribute to intercultural cohabitation at Jacobs University alongside their studies, and to take on social responsibility,” adds Prof. Dr.-Ing. Katja Windt, President of Jacobs University.
Hanna Kuznetsova is in the second year of her Integrated Social and Cognitive Psychology degree at Jacobs University. The 21-year-old Ukrainian was already given a place on the honor roll by the university president last year for her excellent academic performance. In addition, Hanna works as a teaching assistant in her specialist area.
What’s more, she also makes an important contribution to the Jacobs Community as a student advisor: in this role, she supports new students by providing help and advice during their orientation week. Hanna is a keen dancer and choreographs routines ranging from hip-hop to Oriental dance for student dance events, such as the “Arts Olympics” and “Colors of South Asia.” Hanna teaches dance-loving students on a weekly basis, thus contributing to the cultural and sporting diversity on campus.
Gabriele Constantin-Dureci is in the third year of her Integrated Cultural Sciences degree and is set to graduate this summer. Gabrielle is actively involved in the Jacobs University “Feminist and Queer Equality Alliance.” She organizes the annual performance of self-written monologues and open mike sessions and makes an important contribution to diversity and tolerance on campus. Gabriele loves literature and theater and is a member of the Jacobs Drama Club. She has performed on stage in several plays.
In addition to these artistic activities, Gabriele also acts as a student advisor and intercultural trainer, helping new students to quickly adjust to everyday campus life and enjoy themselves. About the Stiftung Mercator foundation The Stiftung Mercator foundation is a private foundation promoting science, education, and international understanding. It initiates, develops, and finances projects and partnerships in those areas in a targeted manner: it aims to strengthen Europe, improve integration by providing equal education opportunities for all, use the transition to renewable energies to drive forward global action against climate change, and to firmly establish cultural education in schools. It is especially committed to the Ruhr region in Germany, which is the home of the founding family and the site of the foundation’s headquarters.
About the Mercator Award 
The Mercator Award has been given out each year since 2008. The two 5,000 euro prizes are used to honor the extraordinary social and intercultural commitment of one student in their second year of studying and one in their third year, who live in Mercator College at Jacobs University and also stand out due to excellent academic performance. The college is one of four on the campus of the international university and is home to around 200 students.
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