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Jacobs University Bremen welcomes four new trainees

At the trainee onboarding: July Kiesewetter (trainee event coordinator), trainer Patricia Herrmann, the chemical laboratory assistant trainees Cansu Özer and Emily Schoeneich as well as the future office manager Benedite Mateta (from left to right). (Source: Jacobs University)


August 18, 2020

Jacobs University welcomed four new trainees to the campus in Bremen on August 1. In addition to office and event managers, the international university is also training chemical laboratory assistants for the first time. Meanwhile, the creativity of the trainers is required to master the challenges posed by COVID-19.

Benedite Mateta (20) comes from Delmenhorst and is aiming for a career as an office manager. 20-year-old July Kiesewetter from the Bremen area, is training to become an event coordinator and will support the events team at Jacobs University. Emily Schoeneich (20) and Cansu Beyza Özer (18) recently moved to Bremen for their training as chemical laboratory assistants at Jacobs University.

"We are pleased to be able to offer traineeships despite the pandemic. Of course, the coronavirus presents us with new challenges in this area as well," says Patricia Herrmann, Human Resources Officer at the international university. "The events department in particular demonstrates creativity and plans fictitious events with the trainees." In addition, the administrative departments are prepared to offer the trainees a model for mobile working. "In all my years as a trainee supervisor, I have never experienced trainees having the opportunity to work from home and still be closely supervised," says the HR Officer.

It is the first time that Jacobs University offers the traineeship for chemical laboratory assistants. "In order to be able to guarantee good supervision, two of our employees have passed their trainer aptitude test," reports Patricia Herrmann. Just as the office management and event management trainees will pass through the various administrative departments at Jacobs University, the prospective chemical laboratory assistants will get to know the different working groups of the laboratories.

There are currently three other trainees at Jacobs University: two prospective office managers and one event trainee. In addition, the university’s first trainee Leonie Wilken successfully completed her training in the events team at the beginning of the year and was employed by Jacobs University as an events officer.