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New Book by Prof. Dr. Kühnen

Ulrich Kühnen Book
August 8, 2015
What is the impact of culture on our thoughts, actions and feelings? Are even fundamental mechanisms of the human mind shaped by culture? And to what extent does our evolutionary heritage impact mental life and behavior? Did our sense of morality and even the believe in god evolve?  Where are the boundaries between cultural and evolutionary traces in psychological phenomena – and can the two really be distinguished? Questions like these are part of Prof. Dr. Ulrich Kühnen’s research and teaching in the psychology program at Jacobs University, and also of his new book, Tierisch Kultiviert – Menschliches Verhalten zwischen Kultur und Evolution (Beastly cultivated – human behavior between culture and evolution).
The book is written for a general audience and easy to grasp. It conveys astonishing insights into the foundations of our experiences and behavior.
Those interested in finding out more can purchase the hardcover book (in German) for €19.90.
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