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A journey bound to be memorable

Musical excellence at Piano 2 Forte

Piano 2 Forte
October 16, 2017
With its established tradition of musical excellence and entertainment through diversity, Piano to Forte is the biggest musical event on campus run solely by students from Jacobs University, this year mainly by Anastasija Pejkovska and Bushra Kamran. This year’s event will take place on October 30th and 31st at 19:30 in the Jacobs University Cinema.
Initially established as a platform for players of all sorts of musical talents to display their abilities, Piano to Forte boasts in addition to its role as an event supporting a good cause: The proceeds from the concert will go towards supporting the G.I.V.E. (Gegenseitig Inspirieren, Vielfalt Erleben) fund, which aims to foster the involvement of the students in the local community here in Bremen.
A part of the special magic surrounding Piano to Forte is the range of different music genres and the international student body at Jacobs, which has a lot to offer, mostly thanks to its multicultural background. This is clearly illustrated in the pieces that are performed at Piano to Forte every year: They range from well-known classical music masterpieces to jazz, funk, rock, and others, as well as a wide variety of traditional songs originating from the performers’ home countries. Piano to Forte represents a lot more than just a night of good entertainment – it is an eye-opening experience that gently caresses the ear of its listener and warms the heart, bridging the geographical gap between Bremen and all other corners of the globe. It welcomes everyone with arms wide-open, taking us on a journey that is bound to be memorable. Host families, parents, neighbors, students, friends, as well as the supporters of the university will once again get the chance to experience several hours of what it feels like to be living the Jacobs way in the true sense of the word – sitting side by side with your best friends from all across the globe, enjoying the show for which students have worked so hard to put together. 
For all interested in attending the event, ticket reservation is available through jacobs-players [at] ( )
The cost of the tickets is 12 EUR for non-students and 4 EUR for students and minors. The dress code for the event is semi-formal.
The doors open at 19:00.
We are looking forward to welcoming you. We hope you enjoy the show!