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Meet our students - Mobina Sharifi - Maryam Mahjoub - Shorouk Awwad


Mobina Sharifi - Maryam Mahjoub - Shorouk Awwad - UniqMaster - 2021

We believe education must be accessible to everyone, and we ensure progress in students' academic life. For these reasons, we created a community to exchange knowledge and earn money regardless of age and geographical barriers. By UniqMaster's website and mobile application, we provide job opportunities and interactive learning materials; users can enhance their learning outcomes and earn money when and wherever they want. We developed an educational portal that is open to everyone who thinks might have the skills to teach, educate, and add values. Our iOS and Android mobile applications will include a unique feature called 3D modeling, by implementing a new technology called Augmented Reality. This feature will enable users to interact with any image in a 3D model. We are passionate about UniqMaster because the education world is moving toward online tutoring due to the lower cost, time and price flexibility, and possibly to teach and train thousands of people around the world regardless of their age, at the same time.

We started working on UniqMaster in November 2019. Our team is made of three motivated girls who have the passion to be like those women who had a contribution to the real world of business. Also, we want to contribute to the digital education world by introducing our platform globally. Every obstacle we met made us insist on learning and evolving into a better version of ourselves. Now, we think about UniqMaster as our child, which requires knowledge, patience, care, and effort to grow.

Mobina Sharifi
Co-founder of UniqMaster, Marketing, and Social Media Manager
BCCB, 2021

Maryam Mahjoub
Co-founder of UniqMaster, Website Designer
MCCB, 2021

Shorouk Awwad
Lead Developer
CS, 2021

Tel: +49-1703557932
E-Mail: info [at]
Instagram: official_uniqmaster